About the Tournament - Clearwater, MN - August 1, 2015



Date: August 1, 2015




Location: 100 Pine St PO Box 398, Clearwater, MN 55320




Identifier: CLICK HERE after 8:00 PM EST




Lines In: 5:58 AM




Event Type: Local/Joint Event (See Below)




*Before registering, you must fill out our online LIABILITY WAIVER HERE


2015 Bronzeback Classic (Joint Event)



Want to maximize your catch? Sign up for BOTH the Bronzeback Classic and the River Bassin Tournament Trail to take part in all of the points and prizes available. Be sure to click below to read all of the details for this unique event. Sign up by July 25th!




Prize Drawing Details

This event is eligible for a Prize Drawing (model is TBD) provided by the event host and made possible by Jackson Kayak and Paddle4Tomorrow.



Paddle4Tomorrow is an all-volunteer outfit. Our success is made possible only by the dedication of peoples' time and financial assistance; which is why we are excited to share our recent pact with the folks from River Bassin’ Tournament Trail!



And this is where you come in...



Register to Fish the Tournament!! Your name will be automatically entered with 3 tickets! Additional tickets can be purchased by making a $10 tax deductible donation to Paddle4Tomorrow. It’s just that easy!! Your chance to win will increase for every $10 you donate. This partnership offers the support P4T needs to fund our programs and betters YOUR odds at that shiny new kayak!



So, look for participating stops during registration with the P4T logo and remember, for each $10 donation you make, your chances of winning increases!





Note: This drawing is not being held by P4T but in honor of us. You do not have to donate to P4T to participate in the River Bassin’ Trail events. Anglers will need to be present to win. Should you decide to participate, however, your money will share the experience of kayaking, in a sustainable manner, with individuals and families who require a mentor to get on the water. Please contact us to learn more!!

Hosted By

River Bassin Trail

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Tournament Info

Clearwater, MN - August 1, 2015
August 1, 2015

Tournament Contact:
Noah Heck: (724) 989-1630
Dan (Local): (320)469-1590
riverbassin@gmail.com, dan@cwoutfitting.com

This tournament ended on

August 1, 2015