There are five main event types which are part of the River Bassin Tournament Trail Series



In-Person Regional Events



* The River Bassin crew will be on site and you can look forward to meeting River Bassin Tournament Trail founder and host of Hooked on Wild Waters, Drew Gregory, at all events. Some events this season will be held at a park and recreation area this year while others will be hosted by a dealer or livery so be sure to check the event pages for these details. Prize packages will be around $15,000 at each event! In-Person Regional Events will be held in North Carolina/South Carolina, Missouri/Arkansas, Indiana/Michigan, West Virginia/Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. The top 20 anglers from each Regional Event will earn Series Points.



Online Regional Events



* Each region (Southeast, Northeast/Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Central) will have a season-long online component so that anglers can compete against each other within the same basic longitude and latitudes. Anglers vying for the RBOY or RBTOY titles may use this event as one of their two qualifying Regional Events. Each event will have a separate prize package and each event will run the length of the season beginning on 3/1/2017 and ending at 11:59 PM EST on September 15th. These events provide a way to improve your standing as both an individual and as a team. Anglers and/or Teams may compete in more than one Online Regional Event but fish submitted to each event MUST be caught within that region (regions are defined as shaded areas on our live scoring site, http://www.kayakfishingseries.com) and must be caught in moving water. If you are unsure if your fishing area is eligible, please email riverbassin@gmail.com and we will review the location in question within 24 hours. The top 20 anglers from each Online Regional Event will earn Series Points.



River Bassin Qualifiers



* Beginning with 2017, tournament organizations across the country will be hosting qualifying events which provide an opportunity for anglers to earn Series Points for the trail close to home. Rules for hosts of River Bassin Qualifiers supersede rules stated in this document or within our measuring rules including but not limited to, start time, end time, number of scorable fish and measuring board used. At least one River Bassin Qualifier is a requirement for your RBOY and/or RBTOY score so find one that works for you and meet some friends in a neighboring club or at a dealer host. The top 10, 16 or 20 anglers (depending on event size) from each qualifying event will earn Series Points.


* Teams can earn points fishing River Bassin Qualifiers. Both members of a team are not required to fish the same event but for legitimate contention, both anglers will likely need an eligible finish in a qualifier because the team score is an average of the best River Bassin Qualifier scores for each angler. Confused? here’s an example (Jeremy and Shannon are on a team. Shannon fishes a qualifier held in Leechburg, PA and finishes first for a score of 100. Jeremy fishes a qualifier in Kalamazoo, MI and finishes third for a score of 90. If neither of these scores are improved, the River Bassin Qualifier score for Jeremy and Shannon will be 95. Jeremy will keep his score of 90 for the individual division and Shannon will keep her score of 100). When these scores are averaged, they are rounded up to the nearest whole point.


* A minimum of 20 anglers must compete in order to earn Series Points for a River Bassin Qualifier.


* Anglers must register for our “2017 River Bassin Qualifiers” event on our live scoring site in order to receive points earned for these events.



Online Special Events:



* These online events won’t help you in your quest for River Basser of the Year or River Bassin Team of the Year but these events each have a prize package of their own and will be a great way for your to keep track of your personal best catches throughout the year. These events will include (3) species-specific events for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Spotted Bass/Shoal Bass. These events are for individual anglers only. Events begin on March 1, 2017 and end at 11:59 PM EST on September 15th. Online Special Events are not eligible for Series Points.



National Championship:



* Held on September 23 in Kingston, TN. A perfect time of year to be in beautiful Tennessee. During this event, we’ll find out who will be crowned River Basser of the Year and River Bassin’ Team of the Year. Didn’t do as well as you had hoped during the season? Don’t worry, this is also an OPEN EVENT just like the Regionals and we will award some great prizes for the winners of this event. You do not need to “qualify” to fish this event. We’ll also celebrate the end of the 2017 season with a large festival. The National Championship carries a higher point total as compared to any other events so do not be surprised if it shakes up the leaderboard!