2017 Central Ohio River Rampage

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If you have never registered to this system for any event, choose "New Angler" at the top of the list and enter your information. Once you do this, you will appear in the list for future events and you can simply select your name.


Zarbaugh, Joe

Williams, Shannon

Walker, Jesse

Von Neumann, Travis

Sheff, John

Roberts, Alex

Richardson, Ronnie

O'neil, John

Norris, David

Nauta, Dj

Morris, Ken

Michael, Hunter

Mccomas, Jerod

Leach, Mike

Hoy, Dustin

Holmes, Jordan

Heck, Noah

Hawk, Brandon

Haske, Clayton

Hannegan, Chris

Hall, Greg

Goetz, Chris

Gleason, Ben

Garvin, Andrew

Frost, Josh

Crowe, Jeremy

Carpenter, Reed

Burch, Todd

Brown, Carter

Bobbitt, Aaron

Baber, Eric

Alexander, Tyler

2017 Central Ohio River Rampage

2017 Central Ohio River Rampage
May 20, 2017

Tournament Contact:
Ken Morris