Event Registration - Silver Point, TN - October 24, 2015 (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP)

How to Register

Team Registration Instructions


To register a team simply click "Register a New Team." Then, choose "New Team," fill out all the information, and click "Register the Team to the Tournament." All team anglers automatically compete in the Individual division as well so under the "Group/Division" drop down be sure to choose "Team and Individual." If you qualify as an angler to compete in the youth division please choose "Youth River Basser" in the "Classification" drop down, otherwise leave it like it is.


If you have registered your team before you may simply click "Register a New Team" and choose your team name from the drop down.  Review the information to make sure it is correct and click "Register the Team to the Tournament"


Individual Registration Instructions



To register as an Individual (not associated with a team) simply click "Register an Individual," fill out the provided form choosing "Individual Only" under the  "Group/Division" drop down, and click "Submit my Registration." If you qualify for the Youth Division you may choose "Young River Basser" under the "Classification" drop down, otherwise leave it the way it is.



Entry Fees (Until Thursday, October 22nd)



Individual Division (Adult): $60


Individual Division (Under 18): $30


Team & Individual Division (2 Adults): $160 ($80 Per Angler)


Team & Individual Division (1 Adult & 1 Youth): $110



Additional Notes


Before registering, you must fill out our online liability waiver, located HERE




Click HERE to view the complete 2015 Series Rules along with the Virtual Captain's Meeting.




Anglers who have not paid prior to the event start time will not be able to score their fish. Once registration is open, all payments must be made electronically via the link below:




Tournament Angler List


Young, Andrew

Wood, John

Wood, Jacob

Wood, Nathan

Williams, Shannon

Walls, Clay

Von Neumann, Travis

Synarong, Timmy

Sykes, Josh

Subalusky, Chris

Strong, T.j.

Stewart, Josh

Starkey, Jon

Slaughter, Chris

Schaefer, Matthew

Rosenbaum, Jake

Porter, Eric

Phillips, David

Perkins, Tim

Oxendine, Langston

Niesen, Joshua

Myers, Jonathan

Morrow, Brent

Middleton, Andy

Meyer, Jonathan

Mccullough, Kevin

Mcbeath, James

Marshall, Jordan

Ly, Nawtou

Ly, Rocky

Locke, Jason

Lanier, Brent

Landstrom, Glenn

Klein, Darrell

Kite, Garrett

Kemp, Jackson

Johnson, Tracey

Johnson, Russell

Jackson, Eric

Hummel, Jon

Howard, Bridgett

Holmes, Michael

Heinrich, James

Griffith, Mike

Goetz, Chris

Gleason, Ben

Gatlin, Cameron

Frazier, Matthew

Fowler, Chris

Floriolli, Joe

Fisher, Steve

Diaz, Reggie

Cunningham, Adam

Cunningham, Matt

Crowe, Jeremy

Corbett, Donald

Collingsworth, Jacob

Coley, Lance

Clements, Thomas

Clements, Will

Chauncey, Chris

Caywood, Corey

Cannon, Ronnie

Campbell, Jody

Campbell, Garrett

Bradley, Bryce

Bradley, Troy

Boyd, Eric

Bowers, Bradley

Bouldin, Jase

Barker, Darrell

Bailey, Joe

Bacon, Alex

Ardry, Logan

Allen, Benjamin

Agee, Josh

Adams, Nicholas

Hosted By

River Bassin Trail

Tournament Info

Silver Point, TN - October 24, 2015 (NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP)
October 24, 2015

Tournament Contact:
Noah Heck: (724) 989-1630
Joel (Local): (931)858-5222
riverbassin@gmail.com, caneyforkoutdoors2@yahoo.com

This tournament ended on

October 24, 2015