2015 Jackson Kayak Smallmouth Bass Event



Date: 3/21/2015 - 10/24/2015




Location: Your favorite lake or river!




Event Type: Online, Click HERE for Event Identifier




Quick Notes:



  • Smallmouth Bass only
  • Best (5) fish will determine your total length 
  • No waterway restrictions 
  • No time of day restrictions 
  • Eligible fish must be caught between the dates above but do not have to be caught during a tournament 
  • If you are fishing a 2015 River Bassin or CKF event, you can use those identifiers for this event. Otherwise, the specific event identifier MUST BE IN YOUR PHOTO 
  • Fish must be submitted within 2 weeks of catching them and no later than the championship event end time. 
  • The event cost is $20 per angler payable on the Registration Page 



*Other than the exceptions above, this event will utilize the 2015 River Bassin Tournament Trail rules which can be found HERE






  • 1st Place - River Bassin Team Custom Jackson Kayak Coosa HD
  • Random Winner (One Angler who has 90+ inches) - $250 
  • Other Sponsor Items - TBD;



Tournament Info

2015 Jackson Kayak Smallmouth Bass Event
March 21, 2015

Tournament Contact:
Noah Heck
(724) 989-1630