2016 Ruffwear Top Dog Online Event

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Date: March 1st - September 25th




Location: Your favorite lake or river!




Event Type: Online, Identifier Automatically Added




Getting Started: Post up a picture of you and your pup by choosing 'Angler and Dog' as the species with a length of '0' and submitting that to the system (just once for the year) then fish on!




Quick Notes:



  • Black Bass (Smallmouth, Laregemouth, Spotted, Shoal, Guadalupe and Suwannee)
  • Best (5) fish will determine your total length
  • At least some part of your pup must be in the photo 
  • No waterway restrictions 
  • No time of day restrictions 
  • Eligible fish must be caught between the dates above but do not have to be caught during a tournament 
  • Fish must be submitted within 2 weeks of catching them and no later than the event end date 
  • Thanks to Ruffwear, there is no cost for this event!



*Other than the exceptions above, this event will utilize the 2016 River Bassin Tournament Trail rules which can be found HERE






  • 1st Place - $250 Ruffwear Prize Pack


Ruffwear Top Dog Online Event

Tournament Info

2016 Ruffwear Top Dog Online Event
March 1, 2016

Tournament Contact:
Noah Heck
(724) 989-1630