About the Tournament

2017 Quality Catch and Sweet Release Tournament

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Date: 10/16/2017-11/10/2017




Location: Buford Dam to the end of trout water




Quick Notes:



  • Wade fishing and fishing from watercraft are permissible
  • Rainbow and Brown Trout are accepted species
  • Your largest trout will determine your score
  • System will automatically cull your smaller fish
  • To measure your fish, place the nose of your catch at the bend of the ruler and do your best to take a photo of the entire fish – all fish must be released and handled properly (hence the name Sweet Release)



Complete rules for the Quality Catch & Sweet Release Event can be found HERE

Presented By

2017 October ORVIS Trout Event

Tournament Info

2017 Quality Catch and Sweet Release Tournament
October 16, 2017

Tournament Contact:
Justin Powell
Please Email