2019 Largemouth Bass Online Tournament


Date: 2/15/2019-9/16/2019




Location: Your favorite lake or river!




Entry Fee: FREE! (this year is just for bragging rights!)




Quick Notes:



  • Largemouth Bass only!
  • Best (5) fish will determine your total length 
  • No waterway restrictions 
  • No time of day restrictions 
  • No deadline to register 
  • Photos of images on other devices will not be accepted 
  • Eligible fish must be caught between the dates above; fish as much or as little as you'd like, on your own time, and at your own pace. 
  • If you are fishing a 2018 River Bassin Club Series Tournament, you must submit your fish to this event separately (but they can count for both events) 
  • Fish must be submitted before 12:00 AM EST the SAME DAY they are caught 
  • No identifier is needed- a watermark graphic will be added to the bottom of your catch photo when it is submitted. 
  • The event cost is $20 per angler payable on the Registration Page 



*Other than the exceptions above, this event will utilize the 2019 River Bassin Tournament Trail rules which can be found HERE




no promise of prizes for 2019. Once a new manager/owner is found for the series, this MAY change. 


2019 Largemouth Bass

Tournament Info

2019 Largemouth Bass Online Tournament
March 1, 2019

Tournament Contact:
Justin Hausner