About the Tournament - Lake Redman/Lake Williams - June 17, 2018

Date: June 17, 2018



Time: Check in 5:00 AM, Launch 6:00 AM, Back by 2 PM



Registration: Lake Redman Boat Ramp ("Bass" Pavilion)



Fishing Location: Lake Redman/Lake Williams



Awards Ceremony: Lake Redman ("Bass" Pavilion)



Event Type: Charity Event



Notes: A donation of at least $20 can be made at the ramp prior to the start of the event. Each donation of $10 in addition to the initial $20 will earn one raffle ticket for the Kaku Kayak Wahoo 10.5! The format for this event is "Major League Fishing" where every bass over 12" counts towards your score!



* You can view the complete 2018 Series Rules HERE

Lake Redman Boat Launch ("Bass Pavilion")


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Tournament Info

Lake Redman/Lake Williams - June 17, 2018
June 17, 2018

Tournament Contact:
Kevin Costello
(410) 322-4885