Event Registration - 2nd Annual Kayak Anglers Hawgtoberfest

How to Register

This is a 2 step process, please make sure to complete both steps. Thanks!



Step 1 - Payment:


This is a member's only event and the price is $20 to enter. Upon catching a 5 fish limit with a total length of 60 inches or more, you can purchase up to 5 additional raffle tickets at:http://www.kayak-anglers.com/charity-raffle/



Angler's Name


Upon paying you will receive a confirmation email from paypal to the email address you have set up with your paypal account. If you have any questions regarding payment you can contact your chapter's director or treasurer.



Step 2 - Register:


If you have never registered for an event, please click the "Register Now" button, select "Add New Angler" from the top of the drop down below, and enter your information. Once you have registered for at least one event in the series you will not need to fill out a registration form for future events.  Instead, you will simply need to select your name from the drop down menu of anglers below. A simple way to find you name in the list is to type the first letter of your last name.

2nd Annual Kayak Anglers Hawgtoberfest

Tournament Info

2nd Annual Kayak Anglers Hawgtoberfest
October 1, 2018

Tournament Contact:
Dustin Theobald

This tournament ended on

October 31, 2018