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Tournament Angler List


Yester, Lynn

Wolfe, Jacob

Wilson, Christopher

Vuittonet, Jose

Underwood, Matt

Thompson, Wayne

Thomas, Graham

Sowder, Robert

Shirk, Michael

Olson, Darrell

Nelson, Jo

Mullen, Tyler

Miller, Alex

Merling, Phillip

Mcmichael, Bryce

Lochmann, Peter

Lochmann, John

Johnston, Chris

Johnston, Holly

Johnston, Chris S

Johnston, Holly M

Hausner, Justin

Harvey, Edward

Greene, Timothy

Gates, Corey

Gagne, Adam

Furrow, Al

Frey, Dave

Fiolka, Alex

Engels, Connor

Aguinaldo, Henry

Acevedo, Edwin

River Bassin Trail

Tournament Info

2019 Mid Atlantic/Northeast Online Regional Tournament
March 1, 2019

Tournament Contact:
Justin Hausner

This tournament ended on

October 14, 2019