About the Tournament - Lake Monroe - June 22, 2019

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Date: June 22, 2019



Time: Lines in @ 6:15 AM



Identifier Code: Code will be posted to the Kayak Anglers of Southern Indiana Facebook Group Page no later than 9:30 pm on 6/21/19. Facebook Page Link: CLICK HERE



AM Registration: There is no AM registration for this event



Fishing Location: The following ramps on Lake Monroe (Cutright Ramp, Paynetown Ramp, Moores Creek Ramp, Fairfax Ramp, Salt Creek Ramp and Pine Grove Ramp - no ramp except for the ramps listed will be permitted for this event). Lines out @ 2:15 PM



Awards Ceremony: Cutright Ramp @ 3:00 PM



Event Type: AOY Qualifier



Notes: Stop number 3 and the tipping point for our Kayak Anglers season is none other than Indiana's largest and most coveted Lake Monroe. To win a bass tournament on Lake Monroe is and has always been a great accomplishment to Indiana anglers. A win here is more than bragging rights, it's something you will not soon forget. She's tough, sometimes unforgiving and at the same time when the stars line up she produces some heavy weights. We may still be dealing with a high water situation at the time of our event. The Corps. of Engineers have been forced to hold back water due to flooding in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio River and the Mississippi River. I will do my best keep you updated on water levels as we move closer to the event.



* You can view the complete 2019 Series Rules HERE

PM Check In (Cutright Boat Ramp)


Tournament Info

Lake Monroe - June 22, 2019
June 22, 2019

Tournament Contact:
Chad Brock