About the Tournament - 3nd Annual Kayak Anglers Hawgtoberfest

Fishing Dates: October 1, 2019 - October 31, 2019



Fishing Times: 7:00 AM Tuesday, 10/1 - 3:00 PM Thursday, 10/31



Location: Any public water in US and Canada



Limit Size: Longest 5 Black Bass



Event Details


  • This event is open to all 2019 Members (and Supporters) of Kayak Anglers- the entry fee is $20 per angler.
  • ALL Proceeds benefit The Ike Foundation
  • The identifier itself is AVAILABLE NOW (CLICK HERE) but an identifier code will be announced by 9:00 PM, September 30th on Facebook live. This is a sun up to sun down event- if we can't see the identifier clearly the fish will not count.

  • This event will utilize KA rules and be judged by a third party based on those rules. Winners will have the highest length across 5 black bass (largemouth, smallmouth or spotted).
  • Anglers who reach the minimum 60" limit across 5 fish will be eligible to purchase up to (5) additional raffle tickets for $20 each. Additional tickets will be awarded to the Top 3 Anglers.
  • Anglers can earn a free extra ticket if they post at least one fish over 20" (multiple fish over 20" by one angler will only earn 1 ticket for the angler).
  • Contact the tournament director to the right with questions.
  • Please view the complete rules HERE.



  • The three highest 5-fish length totals will earn additional raffle tickets for the prizes below. Anglers with 60" or more may purchase additional tickets and all registered anglers (regardless of inch total) will receive one raffle ticket.

3rd Annual Kayak Anglers Hawgtoberfest

Event Identifier (Click Below)

Tournament Info

3rd Annual Kayak Anglers Hawgtoberfest
October 1, 2019

Tournament Contact:
Dustin Theobald

This tournament ended on

October 31, 2019