About the Tournament - Oktoberfest - Steelhead Edition

Event ID - Specific event code MUST be written on the Universal ID for 2020


EVENT ID: To Be Announced





Date: October 1 - November 1, 2020





Time: Sunrise to Sunset, fish submission deadline 8pm on 11/1





Registration: Virtual Captain's Meeting/Code Release @ 8:00pm on 9/30





Fishing Location: All public launches on Lake Erie and tributaries within the US





Awards Ceremony: Virtual Awards Ceremony TBA at the conclusion





Event Type: Five Fish Limit - Steelhead Only





Special Information: Normal KA rules apply for measurement and submission, with the exception for fish longer than your normal approved board. Any form of measurement(tape measure, etc) accepted for measurements longer than your board. Example - Ketch Board is only 26", the fish must still be placed on your board(normal rules, facing left, belly to belly, etc) with a tape measure or other form of measure in addition to the Ketch Board.


Live bait is permitted.





* You can view the complete 2020 Series Rules HERE


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Tournament Info

Oktoberfest - Steelhead Edition
October 1, 2020

Tournament Contact:
P.J. Deluca


Day 28